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With ALCHEMAI, Alysophil offers a global and unique development offer for molecules.

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In an accelerating world, where time to market is capital and economic performance critical, new approaches must be implemented in the management of its molecules portfolio.

That's it  ALCHEMAI  : use new artificial intelligence tools to shorten development and industrialization times without sacrificing economic criteria and product quality.

The markets concerned are those where overall performance (scientific, economic, quality, environmental, safety) must constantly improve, in particular the markets for fine chemicals and specialties. These activities very often call on molecules with high added value.

Their development and production are long and complex.


Alchemai is redefining the industrialization process to make it more efficient overall.

And more to come!

solve complex problems
linked to molecules

why not your business?

Today Alysophil operates in the fields of cosmetics, flavours and fragrances, defense, energy materials, phytosanitary, manufacturing industry ...

The technologies used make it possible to work on a wide variety of fields and themes.

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